10 características de un buen sistema de justicia juvenil

2013 - Juez Christopher Harding, Juez Andrew Becroft

The document entitled "10 Characteristics of A Good Youth Justice System" was written by Judge Christopher J. Harding and Judge Andrew J. Becroft and presented at the Pacific Judicial Development Programme (Family Violence and Youth Justice Workshop) in February 2013.

This document provides an overview of ten characteristics that a good youth justice system would possess. It highlights that a good youth justice system is a specialised system, created with the understanding that young people are not just "junior adults" but developmentally, almost a "different species of human being", and with markedly different responses than adults. A good system recognises their vulnerability and includes protections that enable them to desist from offending in the future. It is beneficial to young people to offer them a response and treatment that is separate to that of adults.